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Become A Snow Scholar



Snow Scholars are given the opportunity to choose when and how often they'd like to work, based on their academic schedules 


A snow scholar's pay will average higher than their local minimum wage and is determined based on the length of their route

Our founder will connect scholars with fortune 100 company owners in several sectors including finance, technology, and real estate

We Are Accepting Applications For


These three traits characterize a snow scholar. We stand true to pairing exemplary snow removal services with consistent and reliable workers. You will be expected to complete the following as a snow remover:

  • Shovel driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and other surfaces

  • Observe customer notes specific to their property in our "Retool" app 

  • Salt and sand surfaces to melt remaining snow and prevent slipping

  • Be willing to work for a minimum of 3 hours on a snow day and have fun!


Determined based on the size of your route and snowfall tendency

Traits Of A Snow Scholar

Snow Scholars provide a dependable snow removal service that consumers can expect to see each snowfall


We make sure to do more than just shovel your surfaces; we keep in touch, ask how we could be better, and leave a note when finished



As college students, we will all face a form of debt after graduating. It is our goal to put our heads down and work to earn our tuition. That is what drives us to serve you


Snow scholars pay attention to detail, take customer notes into consideration, and shovel carefully


We guarantee that every shoveling we complete is impeccable and pristine. We understand your pain points and will cater to each suggestion you note


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