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We gathered the most frequently asked questions and centralized the answers all in one place. If you have any other questions regarding booking a service, pricing, service quality, payment methods, or just want to call and say hi, please call (608) 400-4555.

  • How does ChoreHub vet their students?
    ChoreHub partners with high school and college career centers and works directly with career specialists. ChoreHub hand selects and individually interviews each student that joins our company.
  • Does ChoreHub perform background checks on their students?
    Yes! It is our priority to ensure the homeowners safety while a student is in their home. Every student that works with ChoreHub, is guaranteed to have passed a background check. In-person interviews are conducted as well to determine a student's future of working with the company.
  • Trust and Support Fee
    Our trust and support fee helps support: - Operational and safety measures to protect students and homeowners. - Insurance costs of $2M in general liability, $2M in occurrence, and worker's comp. - Investment in our customer support team. - Tools, team training, and channels to support you in completing your service. - Our happiness guarantee
  • When should I expect a student to reach out to me?
    When your booking is confirmed, we will send you a confirmation email with details regarding your booking and assigned student staff. You can contact us at any time via phone at (844) 400-2467 and via email at
  • Happiness Guarantee
    When you book and pay with ChoreHub, you are covered by our happiness guarantee. In the unlikely event that a service does not earn your total satisfaction, we will determine a solution together to guarantee your happiness.

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