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Cookies, Fudge, & Peppermint Bark... Oh & Hot Cocoa Too!

The holidays would not be complete without a sweet treat. Instead of shoveling snow, jump into your cozy clothes and try out these recipes. We promise they’re sweet, gooey, rich, and so much more! 

1. Sally’s Favorite Gingerbread Cookies 

With 5 stars on Sally’s Baking Recipe website, one of the most popular cookie recipe websites, these gingerbread cookies are a must-make. After making the dough, do another winter activity like making paper snowflakes or watching a movie, while you let the dough chill for 3 hours. After chilling, roll out and use cookie cutters to get that cute gingerbread shape. Bake and decorate! 

Image of decorated gingerbread cookies. Retrieved from Sally’s Baking Recipes (2023). 

2. The Best Snickerdoodle Cookie Recipe 

Modern Honey’s snickerdoodle cookie recipe is another 5 star review recipe that will have your mouth watering. With a cinnamon-sugary taste and a soft and chewy texture, these are bound to be a crowd favorite. This is a family recipe that is easy to make. They have a unique tang from adding cream of tartar. Prep time is around 15 minutes and after baking until golden brown, you’ll want to make more!  Image of snickerdoodle cookies against a metallic background. Retrieved from Modern Honey (2018).


3. Italian Rainbow Cookie Recipe 

How could I write a cooking blog without including an Italian recipe? Criminal. These colorful cookies are moist and incorporate complimentary flavors. With three layers of almond cake with raspberry and chocolate, these cookies are nutty, fruity, and rich. This recipe requires the cake to  chill for 4 hours, so get that winter cleaning done and toss these cookies in the oven. 

Italian rainbow cookie, a three layer almond cake cookie. Retrieved from TastingTable (2023).

4. Kilwin’s Style Old Time Fudge 

Ever wanted to replicate Kilwin’s famous fudge? Now you can! With this 1lb recipe, enjoy this ultra rich chocolate fudge. As long as you have a candy thermometer, you’re good to go. Once you assemble the ingredients in order for them to rest, repeat after me: DON’T STIR IT! Top this fudge with anything to your liking like caramel, pecans, more chocolate, or candy cane crumbles. 

Chocolate fudge stacked on itself with a bite taken out of the first piece. Retrieved from Live, Love, Sugar (2021). 

5. Peppermint Bark Recipe

This 5 ingredient recipe is minty and rich. Bark is also great because it saves well and makes great gifts! You can make them in bulk batches and enjoy them all yourself or channel the spirit of giving this holiday season. These melt-in-your-mouth chewy yet crunchy treats will be a holiday favorite. 

Peppermint chocolate barked stacked on top of itself, topped with candy cane crumbles. Retrieved from Sally’s Baking Recipes (2022). 

6. Homemade Eggnog

This is a thick and creamy drink to pair with any of your favorite sweets. Hot or cold? Follow this quick 25 minute recipe the whole family will enjoy. With the perfect hint of nutmeg, you’ll never want to buy it from the store again. Add brandy, rum, bourbon, or whiskey for some added spice ;)

Homemade Eggnog, adorned with whipped cream and cinnamon. Retrieved from Tastes Better from Scratch (2022). 

7. Mexican Hot Chocolate 

Throw away (or donate) those store-bought packet hot chocolates and try this recipe. Made with 100% unsweetened cocoa powder, cinnamon, and a hint of chili gives this drink a refined and warm taste. Other drinks like milkshakes, dessert cocktails, and smoothies are a no-go this winter. Include your favorite marshmallows, chocolate shaving, sea salt, cinnamon sticks, a pinch of cayenne or chili powder, cajeta (Mexican caramel), or dulce de leche. 

Mexican hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and a cinnamon stick. Retrieved from Isabel Eats (2018). 

Email us at with your creations so we can share them on our website: and @snowscholars on Instagram. 

~ Nina Petrosino, Snow Scholars Writer

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