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How To Clear Snow Effectively

Clearing snow is an art form. At Snow Scholars we are the picasso of snow removal. What is the correct way to effectively clear snow?

Best Practices

  • Clear edge to edge

  • Make sure to get under any ice layers

  • If snow is melting, make sure to clear it before it begins to freeze 

  • For the best shoveling posture:

  • Keep the back straight at all times. 

  • Lead with the hips, not the lower back 

  • push the chest out, pointing forward 

  • bend the knees and lift with the leg muscles  

  • Keep the feet hip-width apart for improved control

  • Avoid getting sore by: 

  • Lifting the appropriate weight for you

  • Insert shovel vertically into snow, step on blade and lift small amounts 

  • For the most effective pattern:

  • Make a path down the middle of the driveway. Then, starting on one side, push the snow from the center to the outside 

  • If you sharpen your shovels, sharpen them at a 45° angle

Itinerary of the snow scholar snow removal job start finish 

  • Students are told about an upcoming storm 

  • Receive a text when they are to dispatch 

  • Use their Snow Scholars App to see the list of homes they need to clear  

  • Clear homes edge to edge according to what that customer would like to be cleared 

  • Sand and or salt according to what the customer wants as well 

  • Once they complete their homes, if they want to help out other shovelers, we can give them more homes to clear  

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~ Nina Petrosino, Snow Scholars Writer

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