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Communication during a Snowfall: Let’s Open the Lines of Communication

Communication is key. We’ve all heard it before. Any friend or therapist tells you the strength of any relationship rests on the ability to openly communicate. Snow Scholars wants to have a healthy relationship with YOU this winter season. How exactly can you count on us this winter near the University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and University of Michigan campuses? We’ll tell you. 

Snow Scholars aims to keep you in the know about the latest news on snowfalls, how many inches you can expect, dispatching times, or just be a friendly voice over the phone with all your snowfall concerns. We know it's the worst when you’re in a pinch after a big snowstorm. How can you get groceries, gas, drive your kids to school, or yourself to work when your driveway is packed with the Midwest's famously dense snow? We got you covered and want to have conversations with you this winter. 

Snow Scholars prides itself with lucrative knowledge on individual customers' relevant snowfall dispatch height (what height of inches you signed up for us to dispatch) when there is a projected snowfall. With our exceptional organizational skills in mind, you never have to worry if the snow piles up. Once you hit your desired threshold, Snow Scholars will be at your service. 

As well, Snow Scholars mobilizes a team to monitor snowfalls and provide email updates if necessary. You will never receive spam from us. We communicate concisely, consistently, and when appropriate. No need to turn on the local weather channel, Snow Scholars can be your go-to snow expert. 

We’ve all sat anxiously waiting for a friend to text back or update us. Snow Scholars puts your mind at ease and will promptly email after we’ve made a final decision whether to dispatch our assembly of dedicated shovelers after a snowfall. 

Looking for advice? Have any concerns? Want to hear someone's voice? Give us a call at (608) 860-6865. We want to hear from you! We have knowledgeable team members waiting to assist you and address all your concerns. No need to go down a Google rabbit hole that will have you watching a Youtube video you’re not quite sure how you stumbled upon. Save time and frustration by taking advantage of our expertise. As well, feel free to check out our website that contains an extensive breadth of information to help you answer all your questions. If email is your preferred mode of communication, send us an email at Our phone number, live chat, and email forms of communication are accessible from 5am-4pm CST 7 days/week. Have a conversation with us! 

You might ask yourself, what sets Snow Scholars apart from other snow removal businesses? Some landscape companies focused on lawns while also providing snow removal services while also providing handyman work. Having a variety of services can decrease the likelihood of expertise in one main area. Snow Scholars is dedicated to all things snowfall. We found our niche and our high quality of services reflect that we aim to be the snow experts among other businesses. We also only service residential homes in Madison, Minneapolis, and Ann Arbor as we recognize that so many homeowners are left in the dust from their old providers pivoting to commercial. Another thought: some of us have phone anxiety: let’s be frank. Other businesses solely provide a phone number to book their services. We’ve all crafted that perfectly written email that addresses all our expectations and concerns. You can have that satisfaction with Snow Scholars, as we are available to correspond with you via email. As well, you can utilize our chat function on our website. Customer satisfaction is key. Snow Scholars has raving reviews and loyal customers. Can all snow removal businesses say the same? With a wide set of communication modes and quick updates, Snow Scholars provides you with important information delivered however you want it. 

Interested in getting friends and family involved in snow removal help this winter? Send them our way! You can both receive $30 off for your first snow removal when signing up for the season! Not everyone is ready for snow removal services or giving up the tradition of shoveling each winter. But when they are, we’ll be here. As winters in the Midwest progress, we know it is a crucial time to take extra care of our elderly loved ones. Snow Scholars strives to be the business you would let your grandma book. Shoveling can also cut into precious family time. Forward our emails or send our website to your partner/family member/friend/colleague/you name it. That way, after a big snowfall instead of braving the cold, you can spend time together in the respite and warmth of the indoors. 

While we admire a good weather spokesperson on the local news, sometimes they don’t deliver the important message fast enough. Clicking through channels waiting for the next weather report can be stressful. Stay informed and stress-free this winter by utilizing our services and receiving our communication.

Look, we know we came on strong and asked for a relationship with you. But we hope if you made it this far in our message that you’re willing to give us a shot. Snow Scholars is composed of dedicated, compassionate, and enthusiastic workers. We want you to be in the know this winter and never miss a beat. Let the experts handle the snow so you can get back to whatever it is you do best this winter season. 

~ Nina Petrosino, Snow Scholars Writer

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