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What is a dispatch time and why is it so important to a snow removal business? A dispatching time is the time it takes for the shovelers to get to your doorstep. Snow Scholars assures that they are the fastest business to dispatch to help you after a big snowfall. Not to mention, once we are there, we work diligently to clear your space as quickly as possible. Access your driveway and sidewalk in no time because Snow Scholars is here for your immediate snow removal needs. 

Snow Scholars pledges to complete all snow removal services within 5 hours after the dispatch time. With services starting at 6:00am and concluding at 8:00pm, our shovelers work at all times of the day to ensure you are taken care of. With that timeframe, they can even help you after you end your traditional 9-5pm. Or we can come during your work day, so you can come home to a clean space. Isn’t it the best when you can enjoy a service without any face-to-face contact? We’ve all checked the “leave-at-door” for neighborhood newsletter or online delivery service before. 

Shovelers can work into the night if they please, but we recognize that some staff are full-time college students and we do not require them to. If the shovelers have to stop at night, they will start first thing in the morning to guarantee you are satisfied. If face-to-face contact is your thing, we’ll be the smiling faces in the school-colored sweatshirts to greet you in the morning. 

Our team is made up of local residents and students. A hard work ethic is nothing new to us. As well, we are very familiar with how the cities we serve near University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, and University of Michigan campuses are structured. This allows us to optimize the best routes to provide efficient and thorough services. Snow Scholars’ routes only have a maximum of 10 homes. With a small business like ours, you get personalized and quick services; qualities that larger companies cannot provide. Our smaller routes aim to ensure you get taken care of as quickly as possible and before the end of the day. 

Snow Scholars utilizes lawn friendly tools, like shovels, to ensure that your lawn is never damaged. Other companies use plows and other mechanical tools that not only can cosmetically affect the appearance of your lawn, but are detrimental for the environment. Snow plows lead to soil loss that can result in less fertile soil. This is damaging to the biodiversity in your lawn that keeps the grass looking healthy in the Spring months. As well, plowing leads to soil compaction, which affects the porosity of the soil, suffocating existing healthy plants. Does it get worse? Yes. Snow plowing releases harmful greenhouse gasses, like CO2. Most plows are powered by fossil fuels, one of the leading causes of climate change that plagues our drinking water, air quality, and nature. By only using shovels, Snow Scholars protects your lawn and the environment. 

How do other businesses compare? Other big companies close up shop earlier in the day, so you aren’t given the luxury of late-night shoveling services. As well, they prioritize commercial locations and place residential homes at the end of their long routes. As commercial locations tend to have more square footage, who knows when they’ll get to your house. Big business competitors have routes as long as 40 homes, in contrast to our 10 house route maximum. Book our small, local business to get the attention you deserve.

How do other businesses compare on the time factor? Companies who handle commercial and residential take longer to clear residential because the commercial has priority as a business. Commercial businesses are their main stakeholders as they have more capital and square footage. They make great clients, but in turn, snow removal businesses can often leave homeowners in the dust. The average dispatch time for commercial and residential companies is 8-12 hours, with some being as late as 12-24 hours due to route size. 

So dispatch times… do we have a sense of what it means now? When our team hears “dispatch,” what they really hear is “GO!” The team is eager to get to your home as quickly as possible and we want to thank you for considering using Snow Scholars’s services this winter season.

~ Nina Petrosino, Snow Scholars Writer

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